Replace Emergency Generators  Fresno VA  Finished December 2013 a Three Year Project

2011 QCM on a Simulation Cable Replacement for 29 Palms Marine Base Battle Simulation Center (BSC)

Director of Construction for Fred Chan in 2004 on his house in Los Altos Hills

House Sale, Fred Chan to Yuri Milner, Sets Mansion Record

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Yuri Milner (Digital Sky Technologies) purchase of the house owned by Fred Chan (ESS Technology) has set a record. Yuri Milner’s price of $100 million is the highest amount ever paid for a single family residence in the U.S., says reports today.

Other Construction in Hawaii


A Chinese Restaurant TI I did in East Palo Alto next to the Firehouse Brewery I built the year before

Electric Vehicle Start-up Company

Start of Antioch Water Treatment Plant

Gilroy Waste Water Treatment Plant


SS Piping

EBMUD Filter Upgrades

Well #5 600 feet deep for the City of Gilroy


Graffiti on a San Ramone Pump Station I built.  After sandblasting we applied an anti-graffiti coating.

Poor Concrete Placement

More Pumps

Gilroy Reservoir Project.  Recycled water for Santa Clara Water District

Gilroy Muffin Monster Replacement

Gilroy Pump Station

My House I Built On 5 Acres In The Los Gatos Hills

Concord Naval Weapons Station Water Project for the Navy

Beale AFB Home Of The U2.  Project I built for the Army Corps.

NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER Fort Irwin.  I constructed for the Army Corps.

Sanger Waste Water Treatment Plant Ground Breaking by City Officials

Sunnyvale Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering

At Treasure I was the QCM on a large Medical Center, Brig and Fire Fighting Training Project for the Navy

I repaired and maintained microwave equipment that transmitted telephone calls and television pictures from coast to coast for Pacific Bell right after High School

I worked wiring these cars in 1966 while I was attending Los Angeles Valley College.

I did all the custom wiring for Barris Custom City in North Hollywood. Barris Custom City built movie cars shown here and many others.

The original Batmobile was great!

The Munster Koach was one of my favorites !

We built a custom Mustang for Sonny & Cher and

We built a large custom bus for Elvis Presley this same year

My best friend Lonnie and I both purchased new GTO’s when they came out in 1963 when we graduated from High School.  We built dial car telephones on the ham radio bands that worked within 100 miles of Los Angeles. They were free to dial anyone we wanted. It was pretty cool 45 years ago to have a car telephone, since very few people had them.